About us

About us
Bauer’s Implants
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Bauer’s Implants

The production of dental implants of European quality at prices that make them affordable to the general consumer in Ukraine, started under TM Bauer’s Implants. It took three years to implement the project from the idea to the first product release at the state-of-the-art ABM Technology enterprise, including two years for active preclinical trials.

Developers from Switzerland and Estonia took an active part in creating the first Ukrainian implants with suprastructures that successfully compete with the best samples on the world market. The leading specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery shared their knowledge in dental implantology and took into account all the wishes of Russian implantologists.

It has been a long journey of trial and improvement. The final result, combining all the advanced achievements of implantology, was worth the effort.

With TM Bauer’s Implants products, dental implantology in Ukraine will reach a whole new level. After all, its only fundamental difference is low cost in comparison with foreign analogues. Modern methods of dental restoration are becoming available for most patients in our country.

High-tech Japanese equipment allows us to achieve high accuracy in production. The multistage quality control system eliminates any errors. The use of high-purity hypoallergenic titanium, an improved design that reduces the pressure on the outer layer of the bone, minimizes unwanted body reactions and promotes rapid implant survival.

Our goal

Dental implantology is not only aimed at solving aesthetic problems of the oral cavity, but also helps to qualitatively improve the lives of patients. TM Bauer’s Implants will make it easy for dentists and affordable for Ukrainians. We guarantee reliability, safety, high quality of our products, confirmed by international certificates and high evaluation of specialists.